Power Supply Unit

A computers Power Supply Unit (PSU) makes it possible to safely power up and boot a PC by converting AC to low voltage DC power. A Power Supply Unit regulates the voltage from a main outlet to the components of a computer. Power Supply Units come it many different types, form factors, outputs and efficiency ratings.

Power Supply Units come with a few different cabling options. 

  • Non-modular units
  • Semi-modular units
  • Fully-modular units.

Power Supply Units have many different type of cables and connectors

Main20 - 24 pinsMain motherboard power supply
12V4 pinsDedicated power supply to CPU
Peripheral4 pins HDD supply and additional supply to GPU
Molex4 pinsAuxiliary power for AGP
Serial ATA15 pinsPowers SATA devices and comes in +3.3v, +5v and +12v
PCI-E6+2 pinsBackwards compatibility mainly used for GPU