Asus ROG Strix B250H




Asus Prime X299-Deluxe



A motherboard is the body of a computer, which connects the other electrical components of which a computer needs to communicate. It can be defined as a piece of Printed Circuit Board otherwise known as PCB. Motherboards also come in various Form Factors

The motherboard also contains bus lanes. The internal bus connects the North-Bridge and South-Bridge together. The are the 2 main hubs.

The North-bridge or Memory Controller Hub contains

  • A Front-side Bus which connects to the CPU socket,
  • A Memory Bus which connects to the Memory Slots,
  • A High-speed Graphics Bus (AGP or PCI Express)  which connects to the Graphics Card Slot.

The South-bridge or I/O Controller hub contains

  • A LPC (Low Pin Count) Bus which connects to the Flash ROM (BIOS) and Super I/O Chip
  • A PCI Bus (Peripheral Component Interconnect) which connects to the PCI Slots,
  • Cables and Ports leading off-board to internal and external components.

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